Exeter & District League

Newton Abbot Basketball

Summer Training 2021 will be starting soon! Due to uncertainty and covid restrictions it is unlikely we’ll be running summer league, instead opting for training/weekly pickup games. Contact for more information.

3 Teams | 10 Weeks | £35


May 13th

Every Wednesday 7:30pm – 9:30pm Paignton Community & Sports Academy.

Waterleat Rd, Paignton TQ3 3WA

3 Teams

Spaces are on a first-come first-served basis. We will fill 3 full teams, which will be picked at random.

10 Weeks

The league will take place over 10 weeks; 9 weeks of games culminating in a finals week to decide the best team.

2 Games

With 3 teams each team will play 2 games per night and referee/officiate the 3rd. Games will be long halves.

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Mixed League - Everyone Welcome

More Info

2020 Summer league will be held at Paignton Community & Sports Academy.

AddressWaterleat Rd, Paignton TQ3 3WA

Every Wednesday from 7:30pm – 9:30pm

There is parking available at the facility but it is busy some weeks.

The registration costs £35 per person, this covers the hall hire and scoreboard rental.

This is for the whole 10 week period and no further money will be required.

Payments are refundable until the start of the next 10 week block Monday 22nd of July.

How the League will run


To be able to play 3 games within a 2 hour slot the clock needs to keep running. Games will run on a schedule and each team will have 5 minutes to warm up.


Whichever team is not playing will act as referee and score keepers for the others, we need cooperation from all to make sure this remains accurate and fair for all.

We understand some are inexperienced and no one is expected to be a perfect referee so would appreciate a general level of forgiveness for people acting in these roles when mistakes are made.

For each game we will need:

2 X Referee

1 X Score Keeper

1 X Tracking Fouls


The clock will not stop for fouls.

Each team will be allowed 4 Team Fouls. After the 4th foul each shooting foul will be an automatic +1 Point.

If the basket is good, there will be +1 to the basket. If the shot misses it will be +1 & possession.


In an effort to keep to the schedule, games will run in 15 minute long halves instead of quarters.

Rolling Subs: Players can sub players on and off at will.

Fouls & Out of bounds: Clock will keep running.

We have 7:30pm – 9:30pm and while time can be a little tight to fit 3 games it has worked.

  • Game 1 - 7:40
  • Game 2 - 8:15
  • Game 3 - 8:50


Everyone has paid to play and while the games will be competitive. We expect each team to give all players a fair amount of game time. If this isn’t the case please speak up and we’ll sort it.

Each team can arrange substitutions as and when during play.


Teams will be picked at random after registration. A small attempt to balance them may be needed to make sure the league can be as competitive and fair as possible.

Team names will be used this year instead of colors for absolutely no reason at all.  Most popular names will be used.

Team A
Team B
Team C